Bungee Provides Platform for Powerloom’s First Web3 Quest

Bungee Provides Platform for Powerloom’s First Web3 Quest

Powerloom is excited to be partners with Bungee Exchange powered by Socketscan for the very first web3 quest of Powerloom’s Incentivized Testnet! This quest requires any amount of ETH to be bridged using Bungee, one of the most efficient routes to move assets across chains, to Polygon zkEVM. To start, you will be prompted to follow the link connected to the quest which will take you to the Bungee Exchange web platform.

Refuel Gas Screen on Bungee

The link should take you to this screen shown above, where the screen will prompt you to Refuel Gas. In order to complete the task, you will need to connect your wallet and supply a small amount of ETH to be used to Refuel the transfer to Polygon zkEVM.

Refuel Gas on Bungee after connecting wallet

Once you have connected your wallet, you will be able to enter or select the amount on the scale you wish to use for the Refuel amount, and the Bungee interface will then indicate the approximate transfer time.

Estimated bridging time on Bungee

After you have successfully connected your wallet, submitted the amount used for Refuel, and clicked the button “Refuel”, Bungee will then display this processing screen as your ETH gets transferred.

Successful refuel

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About Powerloom

Powerloom Protocol is a decentralized data protocol primarily aimed at serving the ever-growing data needs of users of smart contract-based applications like DeFi, games, and more. We incentivize participating peers to reach consensus on observations of state transitions and event emissions across a plethora of smart contracts. By utilizing data compositions on smaller, consensus-reached data units, Powerloom stands as a peer-validated and accurate information source, empowering rich data applications like dashboards, bots, aggregators, and insights trackers.