Dive Into Powerloom’s Incentivized Testnet Quests: Engage, Experience, and Earn!

Dive Into Powerloom’s Incentivized Testnet Quests: Engage, Experience, and Earn!

We’re excited to launch our Incentivized Testnet Phase 2 Quests in collaboration with Polygon. This is your opportunity to engage with our ecosystem, earn rewards, and help shape the future of decentralized data.

A Special Note on Access

Access to these quests will be phased to maintain a seamless experience. However, an important criterion is that only those registered before Community Call # 4 commenced were eligible for this access. If you register after the community call, you will be waitlisted.

Access Rollout:

  • Testnet OG Members: Our early adopters, the Testnet OG members, and everyone who filled out the form during Phase 1 will be the first to get exclusive access.
  • Subsequent Weeks: 5,000+ new participants will be granted access every subsequent week, allowing more members to participate in this immersive journey.

An Overview of the Quests

  • Our quests span four levels, each tailored to offer a different facet of our ecosystem, from basic offchain engagement activities to more intricate tasks involving platforms like Bungee, QuickSwap, Owlto, and Safe.
  • While we won't spill all the beans here, anticipate a mix of onchain activities, liquidity provisions, wallet interactions, multisign transactions, and bridging tasks. Each quest has been designed to give you a firsthand experience of Polygon zkEVM and Powerloom's network capabilities.

Building Valuable Onchain Data Points for Powerloom

Your onchain activities will generate valuable data points and insights about user behavior and preferences. As the number of participants grows, so does the depth and breadth of our data. This underscores our commitment to leading the onchain data evolution in Web3 and enriches the ecosystem for every participant.

Whether you're an existing supporter, potential partner, or just exploring Web3 - this is your chance to immerse yourself and directly influence the decentralized data landscape. Jump in, discover new things, and help co-create the future with us.

Note: Access is being progressively rolled out. After our OG members and initial Phase 2 participants, a fresh batch of 5,000 participants will be onboarded each week.

Let the quests begin. Register here.

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If you encounter any issues or have questions about the minting process, please reach out on the Mercle Discord server.

About Powerloom

Powerloom Protocol is a decentralized data protocol primarily aimed at serving the ever-growing data needs of users of smart contract-based applications like DeFi, games, and more. We incentivize participating peers to reach consensus on observations of state transitions and event emissions across a plethora of smart contracts. By utilizing data compositions on smaller, consensus-reached data units, Powerloom stands as a peer-validated and accurate information source, empowering rich data applications like dashboards, bots, aggregators, and insights trackers.

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