Powerloom ecosystem grows: Incorporating XAI into our Snapshotter Node Pre-Mint

Extending support to the XAI community into our Snapshotter Node Pre-Mint

Powerloom ecosystem grows: Incorporating XAI into our Snapshotter Node Pre-Mint

Today, we’re thrilled to announce a significant update to our Powerloom Node Pre-Mint.

Introducing a new perk for the XAI community — aimed at expanding the capabilities of our network to one of the most active communities in the ecosystem.

If you hold an XAI Sentry Node Soul-Bound Token, you can now participate in the pre-mint phase for Powerloom's Node Mint.

This integration signifies our commitment to building the composable data network for Web3.

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Additionally, if you:

  • Join Powerloom Discord
  • Follow Powerloom Twitter
  • Retweet/Quote the announcement Post

You automatically qualify for the pre-mint of our Snapshotter Lite Node 🥳

Ready to jump in?

The Xai network is open and decentralized, enabling anyone to operate a node, receive network rewards, and participate in governance. It resonates with our values of democratization and accessibility within web3. By incorporating XAI into our ecosystem, we are expanding our network's capabilities; and opening up new avenues for participation and growth within the Powerloom community.

We are working full-speed on creating accessible opportunities and generating the best possible experience for our community.

Stay tuned for more updates as we move closer to the Powerloom Node Mint!

A note from our team:

We all know it is essential to keep ourselves safe in this ecosystem.

Only click links that are on our official channels. Our official link for the pre-mint is https://mint.powerloom.network/

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As a frontrunner in onchain data protocols, Powerloom serves the evolving needs of smart contract-based applications in sectors like DeFi, GameFi, and NFTs. Our approach incentivizes consensus on state transitions and event emissions, transforming raw data into a structured and easily accessible format.

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