Powerloom Expands Its Incentivized Testnet, Partners with Polygon

Powerloom's Evolution Continues! After the standout success of our initial testnet, we're thrilled to take the next big step.

Powerloom Expands Its Incentivized Testnet, Partners with Polygon

We at Powerloom always believe in pushing boundaries, and today, we have exciting news to share. Building upon the tremendous success of our initial testnet, we are ecstatic to announce the expansion of our Incentivized Testnet to the entire community, and what's even more thrilling is our official partnership with Polygon!

Elevating the Powerloom Experience with Polygon

With this new partnership, all quests in the Incentivized Testnet will be executed on Polygon ecosystem apps, offering users a seamless and robust platform for their onchain activities. As we expand and integrate with Polygon's dynamic ecosystem, we aim to enhance our offering and deliver a richer and more optimized user experience.

Be Part of Our Growth

This is more than just an announcement; it's an invitation. We are calling upon individuals and enterprises alike to join our journey. Be a pivotal part of our community and play a crucial role in enhancing the Powerloom Network's reliability, operations, performance, and security. Your involvement will directly contribute to refining our platform and achieving our vision.

More Participation, Richer Insights

Every new user, every additional transaction, and every task performed enhances the depth and breadth of onchain data insights available to all. This expansion is a significant stride in Powerloom's unwavering mission to spearhead the onchain data evolution in Web3.

To our existing and potential users, partners, and community members: this is the time to dive deeper, engage more, and be part of something transformative. Dive in, explore, and help shape the decentralized data future.

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About Powerloom

PowerLoom Protocol is a decentralized data protocol primarily aimed at serving the ever-growing data needs of users of smart contract-based applications like DeFi, games, and more.

We incentivize participating peers to reach consensus on observations of state transitions and event emissions across a plethora of smart contracts. By utilizing data compositions on smaller, consensus-reached data units, Powerloom stands as a peer-validated and accurate information source, empowering rich data applications like dashboards, bots, aggregators, and insights trackers.

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