Snapshotter Update: First 20 days

Snapshotter Update: First 20 days
Snapshotter Node Update

From ideation, design, and execution to a running testnet and over 4800 nodes secured, the Snapshotter Lite Node is a huge step for us in building the Composable Data Network. And we are glad we are building this now and with this community.

There are over 4800 Snapshotter Lite Nodes up and running. Are you next?

Our team has been working hard to answer all questions and provide all the support needed for our Snapshotters to set up their node and start experiencing their active participation in the composability of our network. It makes our day to read your comments!

Technical updates & guides

Real-time rewards are now live on the dashboard! In preparation for this update, our team has pushed an update to the Snapshotter dashboard to show if your node is out of date. Make sure you update your version; it is important and mandatory.

⚠️ Remember to read our source of truth, our documentation.

We are continuously creating guides for our community. Find a step-by-step video walkthrough on setting up our Snapshotter Lite Node on VPS:

Stay updated and in touch with us! Go to our dedicated channel #snapshotters-announcements and keep yourself on track with all our updates.

🔥 We are close to the 5000 Snapshotter Lite Node mints, a H U G E milestone!

Snapshot will be taken when we reach 5000 😉 

Ready to mint?

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