The first-ever episode of the Data Lounge Podcast is out now!

The first-ever episode of the Data Lounge Podcast is out now!

Powerloom Protocol is developing to bring value to our community and the ecosystem. As individuals passionate about our protocol's purpose, we are thrilled to announce the first-ever episode of the Data Lounge Podcast has been released.

The Data Lounge is a podcast series published on Farcaster and hosted by SDR, creating a space that goes beyond our perspectives and welcomes everyone's. We explore decentralization, blockchain's immutable nature, and the intersection of human elements with our tech-infused lives.

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Powerloom Data Lounge: Exploring the future of onchain data together

In conversation with Swaroop Hegde

In our inaugural episode, we sat down with Swaroop Hegde after a thrilling ETH Denver experience. Swaroop is the co-founder of Powerloom and has been an entrepreneur and builder for over 20 years. The dialogue delves deep into the origins of Powerloom, its mission, and the questions asked before diving into a solution.

Our conversation is a philosophical and technical journey into Swaroop's perspective. We touch upon a wide array of topics that include,

  • Powerloom's testnet
  • Snapshotters and their crucial role in the network
  • Democratization of node slots
  • How Powerloom is empowering decentralization of data
  • Powerloom and AI and ML plans

Swaroop shares insights on the fusion of AI and machine learning with decentralized networks, elaborating on Powerloom's role in shaping a future where data is available, reliable, and a foundational layer for innovation and societal progress.

We invite you to the Data Lounge.

The Data Lounge Podcast is a new gateway into the discussions shaping the future of web3, decentralization, and the digital culture we're all a part of. Whether you're a developer, a builder, a creator, a blockchain enthusiast, or a curious mind intrigued by the development of the web3 ecosystem, the Data Lounge is where you belong.

👀 Remember to find us at the /datalounge channel on Farcaster.

About Powerloom: The Composable Data Network for Web3

At the forefront of onchain data protocols, Powerloom serves the evolving needs of smart contract-based applications in sectors like DeFi, GameFi, and NFTs. Our approach incentivizes consensus on state transitions and event emissions, transforming raw data into a structured and easily accessible format. Powerloom is committed to decentralization, offering a lower entry barrier. We make it feasible for more ecosystem participants to contribute to and benefit from the network.

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