Powerloom Data Lounge: Exploring the future of onchain data together

Powerloom Data Lounge: Exploring the future of onchain data together

Our ecosystem is growing, and we are so glad to have the opportunity to build in this space. Per our decentralization ethos, we want to keep creating onchain and offchain opportunities to create dialogue and BUIDL together.

We're thrilled to announce the launch of the Data Lounge, a community initiative designed to elevate the conversation around decentralized data and promote a vibrant, inclusive community of developers, enthusiasts, and thought leaders in the blockchain space.

The Data Lounge Experience

As people who spend much time online, we wanted to create a hybrid space for gathering with our community.

The Data Lounge is a digital space to connect with fellow decentralization and onchain data enthusiasts. A video/podcast series natively in Farcaster, the sufficiently decentralized social network where communities are being forged and strengthened. We aim to create a space that goes beyond our perspectives and welcomes everyone’s.

As all good things come to IRL, we are reproducing our digital garden into physical gatherings worldwide; the Data Lounge is a space for meaningfulness, dialogue, and exploration around the true ethos behind blockchain and decentralization. We are moving away from the huge party setting to the intimate house gathering with friends. We want to create a relaxed, laid-back, and comfortable space and a new framework to gather the community.

Join us at ETH Denver 2024 for our inaugural Data Lounge!

Community, community, community, community, and community

The Data Lounge is a platform for like-minded individuals to connect, share, and grow towards a more transparent, efficient, and decentralized web3.

At the heart of the Data Lounge is our commitment to building a solid and informed community. We believe in the power of knowledge and shared experiences. Through this series, we aim to connect with our community on a deeper level, discussing not only the "what" and "how" but also the "why" behind our shared mission to democratize data within web3. We want to explore the intersection between the immutable nature of onchain data and the ever-changing nature of our humanity.

Engage with people who believe in decentralization, just like you

Our in-person events aim to connect you with thought leaders, researchers, and innovators in the blockchain and decentralized data ecosystem. Expect intimate settings, philosophical discussions, and hackathons designed to inspire and educate.


We are working towards frameworks that allow the community to participate actively in our initiatives. Do you want to explore a specific topic and are curious to do it collectively?

Drop us a message in our brand new channel in Farcaster /dataloungeLet's explore it together. Growing in a decentralized manner from the beginning means that we consider your involvement an integral part of our network. Whether you're a developer, an enthusiast, or someone curious about the potential of blockchain and decentralized data, there's something for everyone in the Data Lounge.

Stay tuned for updates on event dates, podcast episodes, and how you can participate in this exciting journey. Let's forge a data-driven future based on trust, openness, and community.

Let's buidl the future of data together.