ETH Denver 2024: Data Lounge, friends & more

ETH Denver 2024: Data Lounge, friends & more

ETH Denver is one of the most unique web3 events held annually. The amount of people and projects gathering in one single place is outstanding. One cannot attend all the side events they wish to, and we all know it's best to take a selfie with whom you've met to remember the moment. We learn the best practices to connect and collaborate in a space where everything is innovative. Most importantly, we learn to understand whose ethos and values are similar to ours and can become a great partner in building a decentralized future. Our deepest gratitude goes to those who carry true values and are building purposefully!

We met and connected with incredible humans from the most innovative corners of web3. And it was a blast to have them at our inaugural Data Lounge. This is only the beginning. We aim to host these gatherings worldwide and continue to connect and build, striving to unlock the power of data together.

It's clear the future is onchain, and we are excited to be building the Composable Data Network for web3.

Highlights of our journey to ETH Denver

Swaroop, Micaela & Sammy at Sporks Castle

Akshay, Sammy & Pratik at Sporks Castle

Akshay, Prashant (Mercle), Gabriel & Manasi (GPC), Seth, and Pratik
The Data Lounge Podcast setting
Sammy rocking it at Open Data Day by @ChainbaseHQ panel

Our team and friends
Our team and friends
Our team and friends
Cozy, welcoming, and non-chaotic = Data Lounge vibes.

Daily Recaps

What's yet to come

  1. Our next stop is ETH London! Meet Swaroop & Sammy at Pragma London and around the hackathon; we are an Official Partner and will support developers building in the ecosystem.
  2. We recorded the first episode of the Data Lounge Podcast! We aim to create a space that goes beyond our perspectives and welcomes everyone's. Do you have something you want to explore with us? Let us know.
  3. Did you hear we've achieved 5100 minted Snapshotter Lite Nodes? We are thrilled! This is a massive step in distributing our network.
  4. Join the conversation at /datalounge channel at Farcaster.

Stay tuned for technical updates, event dates, podcast episodes, and how you can participate.

Let's BUIDL a composable, onchain data-driven future!

About Powerloom: The Composable Data Network for Web3

At the forefront of onchain data protocols, Powerloom serves the evolving needs of smart contract-based applications in sectors like DeFi, GameFi, and NFTs. Our approach incentivizes consensus on state transitions and event emissions, transforming raw data into a structured and easily accessible format. Powerloom stands out with its commitment to decentralization from Day 1, offering a lower entry barrier. We make it feasible for more ecosystem participants to contribute to and benefit from the network.

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