Incentivized Testnet Rollout: Powerloom Protocol Pulse

Incentivized Testnet Rollout: Powerloom Protocol Pulse

October 2023: Your Monthly Dive into Onchain Data

Let’s take a closer look at what went down last month to see how we scaled and refined our protocol to serve the dynamic data needs of web3 users and applications:

  • Incentivized Testnet Phase 2: A revamped dashboard gives you a comprehensive consensus data overview and the opportunity to join the community and unlock awards for completing onchain quests.
  • Enhanced consensus algorithms: Boosting our data verification and consensus-reaching capabilities.
  • Fresh Collaborations: Unveiling our partnerships with Polygon zkEVM, QuickSwap, Bungee Exchange, Safe, and Owlto.
  • A Refined Online Presence: Our blog got a facelift to mirror the scaling of our protocol.
Incentivized Testnet Phase 2

On October 12th, we announced the launch of our Incentivized Testnet, sending over 18k invitations to participants in completing a variety of onchain quests hosted by the platform Mercle in collaboration with Polygon on their zkEVM!

Watch Swaroop Hegde, Co-founder, in an AMA on Polygon’s Discord speaking more on how Powerloom is using the Polygon CDK for more insight.

With the launch of our Testnet, we were excited to expand our collaborations and onboard four new partners: QuickSwap, Bungee Exchange, Safe, and Owlto. These web3 quests are designed to immerse you in the world of Polygon zkEVM and Powerloom's network capabilities.

In October, Powerloom invited our community members VIP access to the latest scoop and in-depth updates, giving an exclusive peek where we revealed the latest innovations in our protocol, a tour of our burgeoning data ecosystem, and even more details on our Incentivized Testnet.

On October 19th we announced our new official blog of Powerloom Protocol, where we’ll use it as a primary source for our monthly announcements, tech updates, insights, and more.

What's Next?

Join us for our fifth Community Call on Thursday November 9th, 5 am UTC / 9 pm PT (Wed, Nov 8th), where we'll be announcing exciting news on next steps for Phase 2 of our Incentivized Testnet, quests, and new product updates!

RSVP: Community Call #5

Powerloom at DevConnect!

We’re excited to be headed to DevConnect in Istanbul from November 13th to 19th to engage with all of the builders and partners in the Powerloom network.

About Powerloom

Powerloom Protocol is a decentralized data protocol primarily aimed at serving the ever-growing data needs of users of smart contract-based applications like DeFi, games, and more. We incentivize participating peers to reach consensus on observations of state transitions and event emissions across a plethora of smart contracts. By utilizing data compositions on smaller, consensus-reached data units, Powerloom stands as a peer-validated and accurate information source, empowering rich data applications like dashboards, bots, aggregators, and insights trackers.